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Professional Home & Small Business Networking!

Wired or wireless, being connected is easier than ever. The professionals at LAPTOPS ONLY will have your computers and devices talking to each other in no time. Ask us about our low cost solutions for your network setup needs!

Wireless Router Network Setup

  • Do you wish you were wireless?
  • Do you still use your slow 3G/4G data connection?
  • Do you want to wirelessly connect your gaming console?
  • Do you want to limit your child’s internet access?
  • Do you wish you could stream music and movies?
  • Do you want to share your internet securely with guests?
ADVANTAGES – Setting up a home or small business network allows authorized users to share files, share printers, share broadband internet access, play network games and much more. It will also give you the ability to monitor and restrict access to individual computers or devices connected to the network. Have LAPTOPS ONLY setup and configure your network today.


A wired or wireless network does not have to be complicated and expensive. Most homes and businesses have multiple types of computers, both desktop and laptop. They also may have one or more of the following devices such as a printer, scanner, smart phone, tablet, gaming console or digital camera. Having a properly setup wireless router in your home will allow multiple users to access your network without any reduction in internet speed. In addition, many users agree the main advantages surround the ability to share files, data storage and redundancy as the key advantages to installing a network and server.

A proper network setup involves utilizing DNS, Subnet Masks, IP Addresses, Gateways, Modes, Security, Encryption, NAT/QoS, and TCP/UDP settings. All these functions work together to create a well-configured, functional and secure network. Thus eliminating the need to transfer files using a USB flash drive, CD/DVD disc, SD card or being forced to use a specific computer because it is the only one connected to a printer.

LAPTOPS ONLY will take the guesswork out of your home or small business network setup. With network setup, installation and technology consultation services, you can have your internet setup by a professional. Regardless if you need a wired or wireless network, we have the right solution for your needs.

Benefits of a Network Include:

  • Shared Internet Connection
  • File & Printer Sharing
  • Firewall Security
  • Guest Internet Access
  • Network Gaming
  • Access Restrictions

Your professionally setup network will include your configuration, encryption key and passwords. Call LAPTOPS ONLY today for a quick and affordable network solution!