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Our SEO marketing professionals will have your company moving up the search ranks in no time compared to the competitors. We will show you how our SEO services can improve your ranking and increase your website traffic. Ask us about our proven “Seven Steps to Success” internet-marketing plan!

Flow Chart of SEO Services

  • Are you not on the first page of search results?
  • Do you want to have ten times the website traffic?
  • Do you want to increase your sales and profits?
  • Is a good web page reputation important to your company?
  • Are your current marketing efforts not reaching the right target?
  • Have you successfully branded your product or service online?
WARNING – No company or person can guarantee a number one ranking or the top spot in search results. Linking schemes involving ‘free for all’ and ‘popularity links’ do not affect search engine results in any way. In addition, paying for a ‘better ranking’ is simply another money making scheme. What we can guarantee with our SEO services is that your company will be listed higher in the organic search results, have increased website traffic, and a higher conversion rate. Call LAPTOPS ONLY today to discuss your company’s website future – stop guessing and start getting results.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

A companies website visibility on the internet highly depends on how it ranks in search engine pages brought about by searched results. These results are comprised of a complex factor of algorithms, which determine a pages ranking.

SEO is a methodology that makes a web page more visible in search results. This works by ranking the web page and making it appear more frequently at the top of the list. The higher the web page appears in the search results, the more visitors will visit that page. Considering this, SEO is an internet marketing strategy. It uses research based on the psychology of what visitors search for and which keywords or key phrases are used.

SEO can also be understood to be an industry. When taken in his context, it is companies, consultants, or individuals that use internet marketing strategies such as Web Content Management Systems(CMS), HTML5, CSS Level 3, web analysis, keywords, submissions, linking strategies, and other proven marketing techniques that can increase the exposure of the customers website.

The Importance of Website SEO

Simply hiring a web designer to create a website for your business or product will not get you the desired results. First, the web designer does not know your business. Second, they often rely on an automated plug-in or manually try to guess what is important about your business when generating key search factors. Third, they are paid to create a visual representation of your concept not market your company or product. Finally, the result is a beautiful website but it has little or no internet ranking ability due to the lack of search engine optimization. This to you means no visibility, no site traffic, and no sales.

LAPTOPS ONLY will make your company website an online success with breakthrough SEO strategies. With new and proven marketing techniques, our SEO specialists will create a three-phase plan that will get you results. Regardless if you are looking to improve your current website or launching a new web product, we have the knowledge and the SEO services to meet your goals.

Benefits of SEO Marketing:

  • Higher Organic Search Ranking
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Increased Sales
  • Higher Profits
  • Online Brand Recognition
  • Managed Web Reputation

Your professionally prepared SEO services marketing plan will include the keys to successfully ranking higher and driving website traffic to your site. Call LAPTOPS ONLY today for a free no-obligation analysis of your website!