Don’t Try to Repair your Laptop Screen Yourself: An Expert Is Required

When it comes to laptop displays, they are not all created equal; attempting to install an incorrect laptop screen will result in improper display operation and damage to the display panel. A knowledgeable computer repair technician can quickly determine the correct replacement lcd screen for your specific laptop repair.

It is also important to note that choosing a high quality screen replacement will not only enhance the visual aspects but the life of the display as well. This means that every new display adheres to the ISO 13406-2 quality standards for defective pixels and the ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.

If you have one of the following problems with your screen, that means it’s time to replace your screen:

  • Are there colored lines on your screen?
  • Has a portion of your screen become unreadable?
  • Does your screen look like a broken pane of glass?
  • Have you accidentally hit or dropped your laptop?
  • Do you suddenly have a black screen?
  • Is your screen display barely visible?

IMPORTANT – Determining the correct LCD replacement screen for your specific brand, series, and model of laptop requires knowing the exact diagonal size, resolution, backlight type, finish, and the manufacturer’s part number of the display. Only let the professionals with hundred’s of successful HP laptop screen and Dell laptop screen repairs to replace and install your new laptop screen replacement.

Only look for a knowledgeable computer repair expert to install new, certified OEM replacement screens, which meet the strict ISO standards for LCD display panels.

Get peace of mind that the repair is done right with the highest quality replacement parts. Call your local computer repair expert for a fast and affordable screen repair!

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