Free Comprehensive Diagnostics

Your Honest and Professional Laptop Repair Experts are here! See us for a complete range of laptop computer repairs, everything from A to Z. If it is a laptop, then LAPTOPS ONLY can help you repair it. Ask us about our free comprehensive diagnostics.

Here are some questions you need to answer:

  • Is your computer not turning on?
  • Do you have no video display?
  • Does your computer power off for no reason?
  • Did you accidentally spill something on the keyboard?
  • Has your CD drive stopped working or will not open?
  • Is your internal disk drive making strange noises?

LAPTOPS ONLY will not only come to you in 24 hours, we also allow you to describe your problems, in your own words, the problem(s) you are experiencing, and we provide you with the solution to repair your computer. In addition, you deal directly with our team of experts who are well trained and certified for fixing your computer.

LAPTOPS ONLY A+ Certified Technicians are “Your Laptop Experts.” We repair all major laptop brands with the exception of Apple. In addition, we teach you how to clean the inside and outside of your computer thoroughly. A dust free, cool running, clean computer will not only perform better it will look like new.