Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop: Your Best Option in Gaming Experience

For most gamers, the thrilling excitement and rush of adrenaline are inseparable with a large screen monitor. The advance in technology means that the mode of presentation is also changing. Which then begs the question of gaming laptop vs desktop. Irrespective of the impeccable graphics for desktops, many gamers have begun to ask and wonder whether the best option between the two is, in fact, the gaming laptop.

Manufacturers are also going out other way and are bringing onboard large audiences with great innovations. This is evidenced in terms of features such as GPU and display resolutions. Again, the development of high-speed processors is what is making the whole gaming experience as versatile and enriching to many of the world’s gamers. To be more specific, the gaming laptop vs desktop can be understood in the following features


Performance in gaming laptops has been toned down in areas where cooling temperatures in areas such as fans and radiators could be an issue. Desktops, on the other hand, are designed with more space hence they remain with great CPU performance.


Although newer chips are all the rage now, the gaming laptops continue to register lesser power and performance as compared to desktop versions. The current GTX 1080 is still way below the desktop’s 1080. This is because the former tends to quickly overheat.


Storage is important and a critical factor; the issue of upgradability in terms of RAM is always arising. Gaming laptops in all conditions come with lower amounts of RAM. They are difficult to access, and if you must then you would have to take apart the base of the laptop.

Although gaming laptops come with an option for removable hard drives which you can swap when the need arises, this can all be a lot cumbersome and unnecessary hassle. The truth is that you are always stuck with what you have after you make your purchase. This remains so until you purchase another newer system. It actually does not make good investment sense because of the arising expenses.

Meanwhile, desktops come as a superior and sustainable option. With a whole range of motherboards, video cards, and power supplies, performance is incredible. Combined with exceptional RAM configurations and hard drives anchorages, this remains a sure way of meeting verity when it comes to gaming needs. What is even more pleasant is that the expenditures remain within reach.


What brings authenticity and gaming experience to everyone is display. Gaming laptops come featuring HD screens in a diagonal 15 to 17 inches, but in terms of experience, they are somewhat confining.

The desktop takes the trophy hands down, as it comes with a power monitor. It brings with it quality in display and you have a greater experience with the virtual world.


As technology continues to advance, the market can also boast of gaming laptops that have a superior output when it comes to sound. Some new models of gaming laptops have settings for 2.1 bass speakers. On the other hand, the desktop comes with a broad range of alternatives in terms of sound. There is nothing that could hinder you from making your gaming atmosphere a perfect amphitheater.


Gaming laptops are light and easily portable. They are even becoming more lighter and sleeker as innovations come into play. For the desktop, you would need to carry lots of connectors and wiring to have it functioning wherever you want, which in essence remains a hassle.

Gaming laptops have made their own significant gains in the past few years. As technology continues to advance, there are going to be more surprises in the near future. Their potential can therefore not be ignored. As of now, the desktop remains a stronger and sure bet.

In spite of that, the issue is that the world is on the move, and the gamers too, are ever on the move. The end justifies the means when it comes to your favorite titles as well as portability of the gadget.

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